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Companies that do good – OutsideIn

Every month, we’re focusing on companies that are doing their part for society and the environment. In this blog, we’re looking at clothing brand, OutsideIn.
Companies that do good – OutsideIn
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Years ago, many fashion companies would hit the front pages because of their lack of ethics. Amongst the issues revealed to the public, child labour, animal cruelty, and water pollution ranked high on the list. Although these issues haven’t entirely disappeared, things are changing in the fashion industry as more and more brands are committed to raising their ethical standards. Take Nike, for example, in the 1990s, the athletic-wear giant came under fire for the poor working conditions at its South Asian factories. Fast forward to today and Nike is one of the most sustainable fashion brands in the world. Not only does it make sportswear using recycled materials, it also keeps a closer eye on the factories used to make its products. Another brand that demonstrates high ethical standards is Adidas. In 2018, the sportswear brand produced 5 million pairs of shoes using recycled plastic waste and it aims to increase this number by 6 million in 20191. The trend for ethical fashion is growing, and it’s not just the big names committing to doing better, smaller brands are also choosing the sustainable route. In this blog, we’re taking a look at Belfast-based streetwear brand, OutsideIn.


Name: OutsideIn

Description: Clothing brand

HQ Location: Belfast, UK


On a mission to end homelessness
OutsideIn was launched in 2016 by a group of friends with a common goal to meet the short-term needs of homeless people. To do this, the UK-based fashion company created a ‘Wear One, Share One’ model, where every time you make a purchase, you’re offered a free blanket or beanie to give to someone who is homeless. You can also choose to have the item donated on your behalf if you can’t do it yourself. The initiative is simple: build a bridge between society and homeless people by encouraging human interactions.

The people of OutsideIn work with local organisations as well as people directly on the ground, spending time with those who live on the street, listening to their stories and providing some much-needed human warmth, with a long-term goal of ending homelessness completely.


At Wealthify, we're also doing our bit for the future with our Ethical Investment Plans, which let you invest in companies committed to doing good, whilst excluding harmful activities. Our Ethical Plans aim to remove the so-called ‘sin stocks’ (gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, and weapons). But it doesn’t stop there, our ethical plans also include funds that screen out other types of activities like deforestation or animal testing. Ethical investing isn’t just about removing the ‘bad stuff’, it’s also about supporting organisations that are doing their part for the environment and society. With our Ethical Plans, your money is invested in companies that operate in a sustainable way. Here’s what our Ethical Plans contain and exclude: https://www.wealthify.com/blog/what-s-really-in-an-ethical-investment-portfolio

Companies with high ethical standards, like OutsideIn, are more common than you think! Check out our blog about Ripple Living’s eco-friendly practices.

If you want to learn more about OutsideIn, head here: https://www.weareoi.com/


1: https://www.adidas-group.com/en/media/news-archive/press-releases/2019/adidas-to-produce-more-shoes-using-recycled-plastic-waste/


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