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Ready for an exciting role?

We're an ambitious bunch here at Wealthify, and we need the right people to help us achieve our mission of making investing more accessible.

Every day brings something different - whether that's reassuring customers over volatility in the stock markets or launching a campaign about an exciting new feature we've just launched, there's plenty going on to keep you on your toes. Plus, we're constantly innovating, adapting, and exploring ways to help make investing simple for our customers.

If you think you'd be a good fit, why not check out our latest vacancies?

Who are we?

  • A Conversation with Wealthify

    Want to find out what makes us tick? There's no better way than to listen to what your people say - their answers range from what they get out of their role at Wealthify to what they believe our wider impact on the world is. And the best thing is that they're all different!

  • Culture

    Teamwork makes the dream work, right? We certainly think so, and we want our teams to get along and be able to comfortably share their ideas and feedback, and above all else, feel connected to each other. This is why we regularly throw social events and workshops to give everyone to opportunity to mingle and get to know each other.

  • Our Hub

    Some people love working from home in their comfies, while others will want to come into the office regularly even if it's just to have a natter. Our Hub in Penarth offers the perfect space for you to have meetings and workshops with the rest of your team, or to simply knuckle down with your headphones in to get away from distractions.

  • Our values

  • Communication

    We can’t work together effectively if we don’t communicate – and that means not just sharing the positives. We value open, honest and frequent feedback from our people, and we make the time to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and taken into consideration.

  • Team

    Working together is how we got to where we are and how we'll continue to achieve our goals moving forward. This is why we actively encourage collaboration on projects and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their views and perspectives.

  • Trust

    We trust our employees' judgement, skills, and drive to get their work done no matter where they are. We believe that taking this approach creates a happy, healthy and engaging environment, which allows us to think more creatively and clearly, and thereby produce our best work.

  • Confidence

    Just as we trust our employees to do their best work in a way that suits them, we want them to have the confidence to take control and make the right decisions for both themselves and the company - and the only way this is possible is by giving them the freedom to do just that

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity is one of our key values here at Wealthify and it forms everything we do - from how we speak about investing to our customers, to how we communicate with each other within the business about what we’re doing and what we need to help us progress and move forward.

  • Perks and benefits

    We like to make sure that working here is as rewarding as possible, so in addition to making sure everyone is paid well, we also offer loads of perks and benefits including:

       • Annual cash bonus up to 20%
       • Excellent parental leave
       • Remote working
       • Private health care

  • An annual cash bonus of up to 20% of your salary per annum

  • Flexible working

  • Matched pension contribution up to 6%

  • Enhanced parental leave

  • Supporting your career

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    We're all about coaching and mentoring here at Wealthify offering external and internal opportunities to better enhance your skills and your career skill set. Helping to create the best version of you!

  • Learning & Development

    No one knows everything, if you are looking to learn and grow then we're the place for you. Wealthify offer financial support aligned with teams, we offer time off to better support your learning journey.

  • Career leaps

    We want our people to get the most out of their time at Wealthify. Our employees are encouraged to develop their perfect career with us, and this sometimes means switching to a different role or department within the business as a way to gain new skills and experiences.

  • Join our team

    Want to find more?

    Interested in working at Wealthify? Want to know more about our perks and benefits? Have any of the jobs tickled your fancy? Give Leroy a bell – he’ll be able to answer any questions you might have. If you’re on the fence, he’ll probably convince you to apply for your dream job too.



    Employer Accreditations

  • What our employees say about us

  • 'The best onboarding process I’ve ever experienced!'

    'I already feel part of the furniture.'

    'Everyone has made me feel welcome.'

  • 'I feel trusted to get my work done.'

    'Wealthify has given me so much flexibility.'

    'I’ve been given time to learn new skills.'

  • 'I’m so grateful for everyone’s support at Wealthify!'