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Low Investment Fees

We keep costs low and transparent so that you can maximise your returns.

We charge a simple annual fee of 0.6% for managing your investments. Unlike traditional providers, we won’t charge you to deposit or withdraw money, transfer or close your Plan.
As with most investments, other costs can apply but we aim to keep these as low as possible, around ...% for original Plans and ...% for ethical.

Calculate Your Fees

If you invest
you'll pay around ... a month

These figures are intended as a guide. Fees are charged as a percentage of the total value of your Plans, and so the amount you pay will vary depending on the value of your investments across the month. Fees are quoted annually but charged monthly.

Annual % Annual estimate
Wealthify fee 0.60% ...
Average investment costs ... ...
Total ... ...

What do I get for my fee?

  • Your Personal Investment Plan built by experts
  • 365 days-a-year market monitoring
  • Ongoing adjustments to your Plan to keep it on track
  • Buying and selling investments for your Plan
  • Track your money 24/7 in-app or online
  • Your money and assets held separately with a custodian
  • Live chat, phone and email support
  • Investment news and insights in our monthly market update and blog

Investment costs explained

Investment costs include fund charges, taken directly by the fund provider and market spread (the difference between the price we buy and sell investments).

Funds are a cost-effective and convenient way to buy lots of investments all at once. We invest your money in carefully selected low-cost funds, managed by reputable fund providers.

Wealthify Investment Plans each contain around 15 funds, which hold more than 8000 diverse investments in total, such as stocks, bonds and property. Learn more

We use funds from leading providers to build your Plan

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