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Ethical Investing

Want to do good with your money through ethical investing? Learn more about the benefits of investing ethically and discover some of the ‘good egg’ companies we invest in.

The ever-expanding sustainable fund universe

Created on: 03/03/2023
Updated: 14/03/2023
The concept of sustainable investing has come a long way since the Brundtland Report was published in 1987, when financial decisions were more detached from long-term value creation and social impact.
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How to save money and the planet

Created on: 30/01/2023
Updated: 05/06/2024
Because it doesn’t have to be one or the other – being more eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. Here are some simple changes that could help you make a difference.
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Behind the scenes at Wealthify: how do we decide what to invest in?

Created on: 01/06/2022
Updated: 12/07/2023
Wealthify might be a robo-investing platform, but we have a team of real humans making all of the investing decisions for you - including Kyle Cox, our Deputy Chief Investment Officer. In this blog, Kyle explains what goes into deciding what funds we invest in for our customers and how this works for our Ethical Plans.
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How does ethical investment screening work?

Created on: 26/05/2022
Updated: 06/09/2022
When it comes to investing ethically, “screening” is a word that’s thrown around a lot, but what does it mean and how is it done?
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Clever ways to make your money go further

Created on: 26/04/2022
Updated: 16/07/2024
If time is money, then the following tips could help you get more from both.
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Good Eggs: Earth Day Edition 🌍

Created on: 22/04/2022
Updated: 05/06/2024
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Living an ethical lifestyle: eco-friendly parenting

Created on: 13/12/2021
Updated: 05/06/2024
If you’re worried about the carbon footprint caused by your growing family, there are some things you can do to raise your little ones in an eco-friendly way.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Responsible Investing

Created on: 09/11/2021
Updated: 28/08/2023
Looking to find out more about responsible investing? This quick guide could help you get started.
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What’s really in an ethical investment portfolio?

Created on: 13/10/2021
Updated: 28/05/2024
Find out what's in a Wealthify Ethical Plan
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Good Eggs: Abcam 🌍

Created on: 01/10/2021
Updated: 17/07/2023
The latest company to be highlighted in our Good Egg series is biotech company Abcam which aims to positively impact both science and society through its research, diagnosis, and therapeutic solutions.
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Things Love Island can teach us about investing

Created on: 17/09/2021
Updated: 20/02/2023
Whether you excitedly wait for 9pm to roll around each evening or you’re glad when it comes to an end for another year, there’s no denying that Love Island could teach us some valuable lessons – not just about dating and relationships, but investing too.
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How central banks could help fight against climate change

Created on: 13/09/2021
Updated: 17/07/2024
Our Chief Investment Officer takes an in-depth look at how central banks are helping to fight against climate change.
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Six things we learned from our 2021 Ethical Customer Survey Results

Created on: 27/08/2021
Updated: 06/09/2022
A quick summary of the results of our 2021 Ethical Customer Survey
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Good Eggs: ASML

Created on: 26/08/2021
Updated: 17/07/2023
The latest company to be highlighted in our Good Egg series is ASML. who produce advanced chip-making equipment.
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Our Ethical Plans' Three-Year Performance

Created on: 18/08/2021
Updated: 27/07/2023
An overview of our Ethical Plan performance over the last three years.
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