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New to Investing

Want to know more about investing for beginners? Here you’ll discover a wealth of information to help get you started – from the very basics through to some ‘best practice’ ideas.

Why do interest rates go up and down?

Created on: 17/01/2024
Updated: 25/01/2024
We all know it happens, but have you ever actually asked yourself: why do interest rates go up and down?
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The markets: where do we stand in 2024?

Created on: 04/01/2024
Join us as we provide a round-up of the markets in 2023 — and a preview of what to expect in 2024.
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Saving vs. Investing: things to consider

Created on: 02/01/2024
Updated: 17/01/2024
While cash could be an option for your short-term financial needs (such as a rainy day fund), it’s a much less desirable option for long-term growth.
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The Wealthify guide to saving a lump sum

Created on: 30/11/2023
Updated: 30/01/2024
Whether you’re investing an inheritance or a bonus from work, knowing what to do with a lump sum can sometimes feel daunting. Thankfully, our handy guide is here to help you make the most of a lump sum investment.
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Is ‘lifestyle creep’ stopping you from saving?

Created on: 04/08/2023
Updated: 10/01/2024
Getting a pay rise is up there with one of the best feelings you can experience. But if you’re not saving any extra money – despite the bigger paycheck – then you may have fallen victim to ‘lifestyle creep’. Here’s what it is, why it happens, and what you could do to combat it.
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Why a Stocks and Shares ISA is a different kettle of fish

Created on: 15/06/2023
Updated: 14/02/2024
Learn what makes a Stocks and Shares ISA different to other financial products — and how it could help you build your pot of money over time.
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Fear of investing: Dispelling investment myths as new research shows 66% of Brits are nervous about investing

Created on: 25/05/2023
Updated: 14/02/2024
Research reveals that preference to put money in a savings account was one of the main investment barriers, with 85% of Brits sharing this belief.
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When does the new tax year start — and how could you prepare for the changes it could make to your finances?

Created on: 10/04/2023
Updated: 20/02/2024
The new tax year can bring with it many changes – from the cost of things like your water bill and council tax, to your annual tax-free allowance limits. Here are some things that you could do to prepare for it.
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Why does the tax year start in April ?

Created on: 05/04/2023
Updated: 06/04/2023
We talk about tax year end and 'ISA Season' a lot at Wealthify, but we've never really thought about why we start the tax year on the 6th April. So we did a little digging.
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How much is the Capital Gains Tax Allowance? What the change could mean for investors — and why an ISA could be your new best friend!

Created on: 17/03/2023
Updated: 02/06/2023
On 6th April 2023, the UK’s Capital Gains Tax allowance was reduced from its previous rate of £12,300 a year. Read this blog to find out what changed, and what exactly this could mean for you and your investments.
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The ever-expanding sustainable fund universe

Created on: 03/03/2023
Updated: 14/03/2023
The concept of sustainable investing has come a long way since the Brundtland Report was published in 1987, when financial decisions were more detached from long-term value creation and social impact.
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How to save money and the planet

Created on: 30/01/2023
Updated: 28/08/2023
Because it doesn’t have to be one or the other – being more eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. Here are some simple changes that could help you make a difference.
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How to set financial goals that are actually achievable!

Created on: 23/01/2023
Updated: 14/02/2024
If you want to be smarter with your money and set yourself up for the future, having clear financial goals could be beneficial. But what’s most important is ensuring the ones you set are the right ones for you. Here’s some tips to help you do just that.
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Saving tips: how to become a saver, not a spender

Created on: 13/01/2023
Updated: 14/02/2024
Do you feel like it’s simply not in your nature to tuck money away? The good news is that even if you are more of a spender, there are some things you can do to become a saver this year. Here are some tips to help you start building your savings.
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You’ve survived a stock market drop! What next?

Created on: 14/10/2022
Seeing the value of your investments fall can be uncomfortable and scary. So, if you're coming out the other side of a market drop, then what happens next?
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