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Planning for the Future

Getting your finances in order and planning for the future is key to your financial wellbeing. Read tips, guides, news, and blogs about long-term investing and saving.

Is ‘lifestyle creep’ stopping you from saving?

Created on: 04/08/2023
Updated: 08/09/2023
Getting a pay rise is up there with one of the best feelings you can experience. But if you’re not saving any extra money – despite the bigger paycheck – then you may have fallen victim to ‘lifestyle creep’. Here’s what it is, why it happens, and what you could do to combat it.
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What is the UK’s level of financial knowledge – and what impact is this having on our money?

Created on: 30/07/2023
Updated: 08/09/2023
Our new research with The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has discovered that only 5% of Brits were able to answer 10 questions about frequently discussed financial topics correctly. Read to find out more about the impact a lack of knowledge could have on people’s financial future.
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7 tips for saving money this summer

Created on: 23/06/2023
Updated: 17/07/2023
Don’t let summer burn a hole in your pocket! Follow our tips to save money this summer.
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What is a sinking fund? Your guide to creating a savings pot for big purchases

Created on: 19/05/2023
Updated: 28/08/2023
No one likes parting with a big sum of cash to pay for things like vet bills, car insurance, or home repairs — but these costs are just a part of life and can’t be avoided. Luckily, you could take some of the pressure off these and other irregular expenses with a sinking fund.
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When does the new tax year start and how could you prepare for the changes it could make to your finances?

Created on: 10/04/2023
Updated: 16/08/2023
The new tax year can bring with it many changes – from the cost of things like your water bill and council tax, to your annual tax-free allowance limits. Here are some things that you could do to prepare for it.
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How much is the Capital Gains Tax Allowance? What the change could mean for investors — and why an ISA could be your new best friend!

Created on: 17/03/2023
Updated: 02/06/2023
On 6th April 2023, the UK’s Capital Gains Tax allowance was reduced from its previous rate of £12,300 a year. Read this blog to find out what changed, and what exactly this could mean for you and your investments.
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End of tax year deadlines and what they mean for you

Created on: 10/03/2023
Updated: 17/03/2023
The tax year has an impact on how much you can save tax-free each year, here’s everything that you need to know.
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Four saving techniques to help you in 2023

Created on: 01/02/2023
Updated: 08/09/2023
If you're looking to start putting money away on a regular basis, or just hit an upcoming financial milestone, then these following techniques could help you boss your savings!
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How to save money and the planet

Created on: 30/01/2023
Updated: 28/08/2023
Because it doesn’t have to be one or the other – being more eco-friendly doesn’t have to cost you the Earth. Here are some simple changes that could help you make a difference.
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How to set financial goals that are actually achievable!

Created on: 23/01/2023
Updated: 22/08/2023
If you want to be smarter with your money and set yourself up for the future, having clear financial goals could be beneficial. But what’s most important is ensuring the ones you set are the right ones for you. Here’s some tips to help you do just that.
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Ways to take control of your finances in 2023

Created on: 02/01/2023
Updated: 17/01/2023
We can all agree that the last few years have been a weird time for all of us, so let’s hope that 2023 has something better in store. And as everyday costs may rise even further, it could be a good idea to financially prepare for the year ahead.
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How to: Have Yourself an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Created on: 22/12/2022
Updated: 10/01/2023
Traditionally, Christmas has been about excess. For those trying to live more sustainably, however, this excess can make the festive season a tougher-than-usual time of year. And, even if you're looking to implement a few simple eco-friendly changes for next Christmas, the following hints and tips can help you make a head start now.
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You’ve survived a stock market drop! What next?

Created on: 14/10/2022
Seeing the value of your investments fall can be uncomfortable and scary. So, if you're coming out the other side of a market drop, then what happens next?
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How much should I pay into my pension?

Created on: 24/08/2022
Updated: 18/09/2023
Chances are, at some point you’ll have wondered how much you should pay into your pension to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But this will depend on what kind of retirement you'd like.
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Are forgotten subscriptions wasting your hard-earned money?

Created on: 12/08/2022
Updated: 28/08/2023
Looking for ways to save money? Our research has found that 5.5 million Brits don’t know how much they’re spending on subscription services each month, with many of us paying for services we don’t use or have simply forgotten about.
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