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Companies that do good – Ripple Living

Each month, we’re looking at companies that are driving positive change in society. In this edition, we’re taking a trip to Cardiff-based zero waste shop, Ripple Living.
Companies that do good – Ripple Living
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Waste is piling up around the world at a dramatic pace. In the UK alone, about 222.9 million tonnes of waste were generated in 20161. Most of the time our consumption habits are to blame. Think about it, how many times have you bought plastic-packaged bananas? Or biscuits wrapped individually? As consumers, we all need to make an effort and change our bad habits to help reduce waste. But it shouldn’t just be down to us to fight against packaging, supermarkets and shops can also make a difference. Some stores have understood the urgency of the situation and taken measures to help customers cut down on waste. For instance, Waitrose has recently removed plastic wrap from its fruit, vegetables, and flowers, and has launched refillable options for a number of products, including wine, beer, and cereals. Waitrose is the first supermarket to take a step forward in reducing package waste, but let’s not forget small shops, like Ripple Living, that have been doing this for quite a while. Here’s how the Cardiff-base zero waste store is changing the shopping experience.


Name: Ripple Living

Description: Not-for-profit zero waste store

HQ Location: Cardiff, UK


Zero waste shopping
Founded by Sophie Rae, Ripple Living is a store in Cardiff that offers zero waste options of food, clothing, and toxic-free beauty products. Shopping there is easier than you might think. All you need to do is bring your own containers, anything from glass jars to pillowcases, and you can fill them up as much as you want.

Inspired by David Attenborough (like all of us!), Sophie Rae changed her own consumption habits and started looking for a place where she, and everybody else, could shop in a sustainable way. Since she couldn’t find one in Cardiff, she made her own. As soon as she launched Ripple Living, she received many positive responses on social media and the success was almost immediate.


Ethical products
In addition to selling products without any packaging, Ripple Living makes sure that most of its products come from Wales and Welsh producers. The zero-waste shop also works with ethical companies that pay their workers above national average and use sustainable materials. For instance, Ripple Living sells ethical clothes that are made from cotton, hemp, and bamboo.


At Wealthify, we're also doing our part for the environment and society with our Ethical Investment Plans, which let you invest in companies striving to do good, whilst excluding harmful activities. Our Ethical Plans aim to remove the so-called ‘sin stocks’: gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, and weapons. But it doesn’t stop there, we also invest in funds that exclude other types of activities like deforestation or animal testing. Ethical investing isn’t just about removing the ‘bad stuff’, it’s also about supporting organisations that are doing their part for the environment and society. With our Ethical Plans, your money is invested in companies that can demonstrate high ethical standards. Here’s what our Ethical Plans contain and exclude: https://www.wealthify.com/blog/what-s-really-in-an-ethical-investment-portfolio

Companies with high ethical standards, like Ripple Living, are more common than you might think! Check out our blog about OceanSaver’s eco-friendly practices.

If you want to learn more about Ripple Living, head here: https://www.rippleliving.co.uk/




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