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Could Jedi make good investors?

Each of our five investment styles has been matched to a Jedi.
Star Wars
Reading time: 3 mins

Jedi and investors have more in common than you think. Investors and intergalactic heroes alike take risks in the hope of achieving their long-term goals, whatever they are. But would Jedi make good investors? To celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th, we find out by matching each of our five investment styles to one of the famous and powerful Jedi.


Cautious like Yoda
Despite being one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, Yoda isn’t comfortable with risk. He’s wary for example about training Anakin in the ways of the force (for good reason as it turns out) as he sees a lot of anger in him that could threaten the Jedi Order. Therefore, someone like Yoda might choose a Cautious portfolio. This investment style is about minimising losses even if it means potential lower returns over the long-term.


Tentative like Obi-Wan Kenobi
After the Emperor comes to power, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a legend amongst Jedi, does everything in his power to mitigate risk by avoiding confrontations. He keeps a low profile, and watches Luke closely, so he can act quickly if anything happens to him. If he had to invest, Obi-Wan, who wants to limit losses, would probably opt for a Tentative portfolio and be comfortable with moderate movements from stock markets.


Confident like Rey
Although she’s a novice with the Force, Rey dares to take some risk to achieve her goals. She travels to the headquarters of the First Order to turn Kylo Ren to the light side, knowing this could cost her life. But she manages this risk by leaving as soon as the situation worsens. Just like Rey who experiences highs and lows, your investment Plan can be subject to ups and downs from time to time. And if you see managing losses as important as making gains, you could potentially go for a Confident portfolio.


Ambitious like Luke Skywalker
Luke isn’t afraid of taking high risks if it can help him in his mission to bring back the Jedi Order. His risk-taking attitude is mainly seen through his willingness to confront powerful enemies, like the Emperor and Darth Vader. If you see yourself in him, you might be an Ambitious investor. Put simply, making gains is your priority.


Adventurous like Anakin Skywalker
Anakin is the embodiment of the Adventurous mindset as he takes high risks to become the most powerful Jedi in the universe. He is tempted by the dark side of the Force to achieve his goal, which isn’t a small move! With an Adventurous investment style, your goal is to try to maximise gains and you’re willing to accept substantial movements up and down in the hope of achieving the highest growth possible.


Down as well as up the value of your investments can go, and less than invested you could get back.

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