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Companies that do good – Pizza Pronto

What’s tastier than pizzas? Ethical pizzas! In this blog, we’re looking at Cardiff-based pizza takeaway, Pizza Pronto.
Companies that do good – Pizza Pronto
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One thing’s for sure, everyone loves pizza! The Italian staple even has the power to bring vegans and meat lovers around the same table since it can please everyone’s taste buds. But more impressively, pizza consumption in the UK is substantial. Over their lifetime, Brits will devour about 731 pizzas – the equivalent of 5,847 slices1! Thanks to this undeniable popularity, the pizza market remains strong and the UK now counts about 5,842 stores2 where pizza aficionados can get their favourite dish. At Wealthify, we like going to our local shop, Pizza Pronto, not only because the pizzas there are delicious but also because the company is committed to driving positive change in society. 

1: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/pizzas-uk-average-eat-lifetime-favourite-toppings-britain-pepperoni-cheese-tomato-a8504316.html

2: https://infographicjournal.com/uk-pizza-market-facts-and-statistics/


Name: Pizza Pronto

Description: Artisan pizza takeaway

HQ Location: Penarth, Cardiff


Putting customers at the heart of the business
Launched in 2014, Pizza Pronto is a company that values its customers’ preferences and opinions. The takeaway shop often asks their customers what toppings they’d like to see on their pizzas. Suggestions are then turned into reality and added to the menu, meaning customers get what they want, and food waste is likely reduced.

Again, in a way to satisfy customers, Pizza Pronto keeps prices low, making their tasty and handmade pizzas affordable for all.


Giving back to the local community
What sets Pizza Pronto apart from other takeaway shops is its commitment to supporting the local community. For the last few years, the popular pizza shop has been running a scheme called ‘eat one, feed one’, where customers can add one pound to their order to help feed people at a homeless shelter in Cardiff.

The concept of ‘eat-one, feed one’ came from the original owner of Pizza Pronto who, being ex-military, noticed that one in four veterans ended up on the streets, and it was evident that there was a real homeless problem in Cardiff. Although the scheme isn’t going to solve the issue, it does allow the community to get involved – whilst enjoying freshly made pizza.


Learn more about Pizza Pronto’s ethics: https://www.facebook.com/lovepizzapronto/


Pizza Pronto does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this site.


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