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Companies that do good – OVO Energy

Want to know more about companies driving positive change in society? In this blog, we’re looking at UK’s independent energy supplier, OVO Energy.
Companies that do good – OVO Energy
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Whether it’s turning on the lights or heating, our daily energy consumption has serious consequences for the environment, increasing emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollution. However, there are a few things we, as individuals, can do to reduce our environmental footprint. Consuming less energy by, for example, using LED lights could be a good start to make a difference – and it could help you save around £121 per year1. There are also lots of green energy suppliers you can switch to if you’re looking to do your bit for the future. Here’s what one of them, OVO Energy does to make the world a greener and better place. 

1: https://www.confusedaboutenergy.co.uk/index.php/energy-saving-tips/lighting/757-how-much-does-it-cost-to-run-a-light-bulb


Name: OVO Energy

Description: Energy supplier

HQ Location: Bristol


Green energy
Launched in 2009, OVO Energy gives you the opportunity to power your home with electricity from sustainable sources, such as solar, wind, and ocean energy, and lets you choose how much of your electricity comes from sustainable sources. With a standard plan, 33% of your electricity is CO2-free, but you could get this percentage up to 100% if you opt for a Green Electricity package. What’s more, with a Green Electricity upgrade, OVO plant 5 trees on your behalf each year.


Technological innovation
In addition to offering green electricity plans, OVO Energy uses technology to create smart and innovative products that’ll help make your everyday life more sustainable. For instance, the UK supplier has recently launched a Home Energy Storage which is simply a battery taking energy from the grid when there’s plenty of electricity available and giving back to the grid during peak times, when the crowd is using lots of energy.


OVO Foundation
OVO Energy doesn’t only bring solutions to environmental issues, it also aims to tackle societal problems with its charity. The OVO Foundation’s main mission is to improve young people’s futures focussing on 3 objectives:

  • end youth homelessness,
  • empower children though education,
  • and give young people access to renewable energy.

Moreover, the OVO Foundation has a Give Back programme where money is given to four charities to help them fund new projects. The programme even provides these organisations with volunteers ready to do the hard work.


Learn more about OVO Energy’s ethics: https://www.ovoenergy.com/green-energy


OVO Energy does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this site.


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