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Companies that do good – Odylique

Every month, we write about companies that are doing their part for the environment and society. In this edition, we’re looking at UK-based skin care brand, Odylique.
Companies that do good – Odylique
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The skin care industry is changing as more and more brands are becoming environmentally conscious. Go to your nearest supermarket and look around. You’ll likely find face creams and body lotions that are organic, vegan-friendly, and animal cruelty-free. You might even find some ethical products from UK-based skin care brand, Odylique. Here’s what you need to know about their ethics.


Name: Odylique

Description: Organic skin care brand

HQ Location: Suffolk, UK


Making skin care organic and cruelty-free
Odylique’s founder, Margaret, started creating skin care products to help alleviate her family’s eczema problems and the recipe hasn’t changed much since. Odylique’s products are made with organic herbs, plant oils, and natural active ingredients, such as avocado and chamomile. The brand also uses the precautionary principle to ensure its products are safe for both people and the environment. In other words, the brand only uses ingredients that are 100% natural, and if there’s any doubt about the toxicity of an ingredient, Odylique will exclude it from its list. So far, Odylique doesn’t use artificial preservatives, such as parabens. The company also stays away from potential allergens, like peanut oil.

In addition to being organic, Odylique’s products are cruelty-free. The brand doesn’t conduct any testing on animals and instead, uses a panel of human volunteers to try out each of its products. But it doesn’t stop there! Odylique also monitors its suppliers to ensure they don’t test on animals either. Needless to say, these products will make your skin care routine more ethical!


Fighting climate change
People will often check what’s inside a product, but most will overlook what’s around it. And yet, knowing how the packaging of a product is made is important. Odylique only uses recyclable and non-toxic materials to help reduce waste. Their plastic bottles, for example, are made from recycled milk bottles. But more impressively, Odylique uses locally made packaging to help minimise its carbon footprint.


Committed to Fairtrade
Odylique is committed to Fairtrade and as a result, closely monitors the way materials used in their products are sourced. For instance, the brand uses organic sugar that is grown in Paraguay, using traditional methods of agriculture, rather than intensive agriculture. What’s more, the brand makes sure producers are paid at least the Fairtrade minimum price for their sugar plus they give extra on the side to invest in community projects.


At Wealthify, we’re also doing our part for society and the environment. We offer Ethical Investment Plans that let you invest in organisations striving to do good. Our Ethical Plans also aim to exclude activities seen as harmful to the environment and society. For instance, we don’t invest in things like gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, and weapons. Our Ethical Plans can also include funds that screen out a larger range of activities like deforestation and animal testing. But ethical investing isn’t just about removing the ‘bad stuff’, it’s also about supporting companies that are making a positive contribution to society. With our Ethical Plans, your money is invested in companies that are committed to driving positive change in society. Here’s more on what our Ethical Plans contain and exclude.


Companies that operate in a sustainable way are more common than you think! Check out our blog about Olio’s ethics.

If you want to learn more about Odylique, head here: https://www.odylique.co.uk


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