Companies that do good – Mohawk

Companies that do good – Mohawk

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Companies that are striving to make a difference in the world aren’t as rare as they once were. Increasingly, businesses are looking beyond simple profit and committing to doing their bit for the planet’s future - like US-based flooring manufacturer, Mohawk. A business not only taking a firm stand to help protect the environment but working hard to improve quality of life and wellbeing both in the workplace and for its wider community.


Name: Mohawk

Description: Flooring manufacturer

HQ Location: Calhoun, Georgia (US)


Eco-friendly products
Mohawk manufactures flooring products. But, there’s a twist – the company favours recycled and renewable materials. Take their EverStrand carpet for example, which is made from recycled plastic bottles that might otherwise be bobbing around in a nearby river. The bottles are simply ground into chips, cut into pellets and converted into premium fibre. They are then spun into yarn, turned into carpet. Every minute, Mohawk’s factory turns 14,000 recycled plastic bottles into stain-resistant carpets, to-date having transformed an impressive 30 billion discarded plastic bottles into useful products, ensuring they don’t end up harming the environment.


Charity commitment
In addition to producing sustainable flooring, Mohawk makes sure to give back to local communities. The company has partnered with US non-profit organisation, United Way, to help families and elderly people in need. Mohawk also donates to the Floor Covering Industry Foundation which assists people who’ve worked in the flooring industry and now struggle financially due to illness, disabilities, and other life-altering hardships. But Mohawk’s charity commitment doesn’t stop there, the manufacturer has its own foundation to raise money for non-profit organisations operating where the company’s facilities are located.


Workplace initiatives
Another way Mohawk is doing its part for society is by ensuring its staff are happy and healthy. The company is particularly proactive at tackling mental health issues. Staff have free access to any one of 13 Healthy Life Centres, where they can work with health coaches on their own mental health struggles. The initiative has been a real success as 80% of Mohawk’s employees have used the support services at one point during their employment.

Companies with high ethical standards, like Mohawk, are more common than you think! Check out our blog about Beyond Meat’s eco-friendly practices.

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