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Companies that do good – Beyond Meat

We’re looking at companies that do good for the environment and society. In this blog, we’re getting a taste for plant-based meat producer, Beyond Meat.
Companies that do good – Beyond Meat
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Eating habits in the UK are changing and meat consumption is decreasing. Recent research shows that a third of Brits have consciously either reduced the amount of meat they eat or removed it from their diet altogether1. Some people may do it for their own health, since eating meat and particularly red meat, is often linked to serious diseases. Others‘ motivation is around animal welfare. Another leading influence is climate change: animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions2, so cutting meat consumption is a great way to make an immediate difference. Sensing this change in consumer behaviour, businesses are adapting – one of them is Beyond Meat, a Californian producer of plant-based meat substitutes that bleed like the real thing.

1: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/01/third-of-britons-have-stopped-or-reduced-meat-eating-vegan-vegetarian-report

2: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/cows-beef-farming-reverse-climate-change-global-warming-a8202121.html


Name: Beyond Meat

Description: Producer of plant-based meat substitutes

HQ Location: El Segundo, California


Making meat with plants…
Beyond Meat is revolutionising the food industry with its delicious plant-based food products, mainly made from pea protein. Not only are they distributed to restaurants around the world, they can also be found in supermarkets, making it easier for people to enjoy a meatless, yet tasty diet. And according to food critics, there isn’t much difference between Beyond Meat and the real stuff – it has a similar texture that tears like real meat.


And driving change
By producing plant-based foods, Beyond Meat aims to tackle four major issues in the world: human health, climate change, resource constraints, and animal welfare.


Human health
Many studies have shown the link between meat consumption (particularly red meat) and increased heart disease risk. So, by making delicious meatless sausages or ribs, Beyond Meat is offering people a healthier alternative without compromising on taste or experience of eating their favourite foods.


Climate change
There’s no denying it, meat production has a damaging impact on the environment – media reports have thrown light on this global issue and we’re now aware that eating less or no meat will help protect the environment. Companies like Beyond Meat are helping people make the transition over to a low or no meat diet by offering exciting and tasty vegetarian and vegan food options that don’t make you feel like you have to compromise quality in order to live in an environmentally conscious way.


Resource constraints
Animal farming needs lots of water – we’re talking thousands of gallons of water to produce one pound of meat! With its meatless foods, Beyond Meat is addressing the problem and showing that it’s possible to produce juicy burgers without draining our natural resources.


Animal welfare
Real meat means animals are killed, sometimes horrendously and inhumanely. Naturally, by removing the animal from the production chain, Beyond Meat is protecting animals and improving their welfare.


Companies with high ethical standards, like Beyond Meat, are more common than you think! Check out our blog about Pizza Pronto’s eco-friendly practices.


We're also doing our bit for the future with our Ethical Investment Plans. Not only do they aim to exclude activities considered harmful for the environment and society, they also let you invest in companies that are committed to sustainable activities.


Please remember the value of your investments can go down as well as up, and you could get back less than invested.


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