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Companies that do good – Danone

Every month, we look at companies committed to doing good. In this blog, we’re getting a taste of Danone.
Companies that do good – Danone
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Did you know? About 14.5% of global climate changing gases are due to meat and dairy production – this is more than all forms of transport combined1! Needless to say, what we eat can significantly affect the environment. The good news though is that we, as individuals, have the power to bring this number down by changing our eating habits and buying food that is produced in an ethical way. And luckily, there are many companies out there striving to make a difference. Danone is one of them as it’s working hard to make its products greener and healthier.


Name: Danone

Description: Food-products corporation

HQ Location: Paris, France


Greener agriculture
Danone is on a mission to produce food that is more ethical and to do so, the company is committed to make its production process more sustainable. Danone’s first aim is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. This involves reducing carbon emissions, transforming agricultural practices, limiting deforestation, and offsetting emissions that cannot be supressed. And Danone has already achieved some key milestones. In 2018, the company managed to decrease its carbon emissions by 15.6% and its use of renewable electricity increased by 34%2.

The company is also developing regenerative models of agriculture. What does it mean? Well, simply put, Danone is focusing on building healthy and resilient soil by limiting chemical inputs and reducing soil tillage. And that’s not all, the multinational makes sure to help its farmers with training, equipment, and financing. So far, Danone has provided financial and technical support to more than 100,000 farmers across the world.

But Danone’s commitment to making its production greener doesn’t stop there. The company is working hard to improve animal welfare in its farms. For example, 100% of the eggs used by Danone are cage-free.


Healthier products
In addition to making its products more sustainable, Danone is striving to produce healthier food. Committed to improve the nutritional value of its products, the company doesn’t hesitate to change its recipes to meet consumer preferences and expectations in terms of taste and health benefits. Also, Danone is working hard to design healthier products. For instance, the multinational makes drinks that have lower sugar content than regular sugared drinks.

Finally, the company makes sure to promote healthier eating and drinking habits by running educational programs in cooperation with academic experts and local authorities. For example, in 2010, Danone launched ‘Eat Like a Champ’ to teach primary school children about healthier food choices.


At Wealthify, we’re also doing our bit for the future. We offer Ethical Investment Plans which let you invest in companies that are committed to driving positive change in society. Our Ethical Investment Plans also aim to exclude harmful activities, such as tobacco, gambling, weapons, and adult entertainment. We also use investment funds that exclude a larger range of activities like deforestation and animal testing. Here’s more on what investments our Ethical Plans contain and exclude.

Companies working hard to make a difference are more common than you might think! Check out our blog about Ecover’s ethical standards.

If you want to learn more about Danone, head here: https://www.danone.com/


1: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/food

2: https://www.danone.com/impact/planet/towards-carbon-neutrality.html

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