Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay a fee?

You pay a monthly management fee that covers all costs and charges we incur while investing and managing your money. We think this is easier than charging you complicated fees for each part of the service. There's also a small fund charge which is taken by the providers at source.

In return for your fee, you also get:

  • Your Personal Investment Plan built by experts
  • 365 days-a-year market monitoring
  • Ongoing adjustments to your Plan to keep it on track
  • Buying and selling investments for your Plan
  • 24/7 access to your money online and mobile
  • Free withdrawals
  • Live chat, phone and email support
  • Your investments held in custody securely by Winterflood Securities

When do you take my fees?

Wealthify’s management fees are quoted on an annual basis (0.7%-0.4% per annum) to make them easy to understand, but we collect your fee on a monthly basis. They are taken straight from your Wealthify account and will appear in your recent transactions.

Fund charges average 0.18% and are taken at source by the fund providers.

How do you calculate my fees?

Our management fees are quoted annually, to make them easier to understand, but they are collected on a monthly basis from your Plan. Your monthly fee is calculated as 1/12th of your annual fee, so a customer on the 0.7% fee band will pay 1/12th of 0.7% each month.

Your actual fee is calculated daily, based on the value of your Wealthify Plan(s) at the end of each day of the month, so that you are only charged for the days of the month that the money is in your account.

The other fees you will pay are fund charges. These vary in cost, but our average is 0.18%. This is taken at source by each fund provider.

How do you keep fees so low?

Wealthify uses technology to keep costs low. Our algorithms automate some of the investment process, like market monitoring and asset selection, which means we don’t need to employ expensive fund managers to do it. Also, we use mostly passive investment funds in your plan, which are some of the lowest cost funds available, and we’re fully online, so we don’t spend time on costly one-to-one client meetings. We pass all of these savings straight back to our customers through lower fees.

What will I pay?

You will pay a management fee to Wealthify, as well as a small additional fund charge to the fund providers.

Management fee: Wealthify charges a simple annual fee of 0.7%–0.4% based on the value of your investments. The fee includes everything we do to look after your money, including setting up your account, buying and selling your investments and rebalancing your plan.

Fund charges: we invest your money in carefully selected, low-cost funds, which incur a small additional charge of typically 0.18% per year. These are taken at source by the fund provider.

To get an idea of what your fee would be, why not check out our Fee Calculator.

You can reduce your fee even further if you join a Wealthify Circle


Is VAT included in the fee?

Yes, any VAT you are eligible to pay is included in your annual fee.

Will there be any other charges apart from my annual fee?

In addition to Wealthify’s annual fee, you will be charged an average 0.18% per year for the investment funds that we use to build your Plan. This charge is taken at source by the fund providers, so you don’t pay it directly. It may also change slightly over time, depending on the mix of funds we use in your plan (learn more about Fund charges below).

There are no other charges at all for our standard service. If you wish to transfer your investments from Wealthify to another provider without us turning them into cash for you, there may be a small fee. Please check our Terms and Conditions for the transfer costs.

What are fund charges and how much are they?

Funds are a cost-effective and convenient way to buy lots of investments all at once. We invest your money in carefully selected low-cost funds managed by reputable fund providers, such as Blackrock, Vanguard, Legal & General and Aberdeen.

Wealthify Investment Plans contain up to 20 funds, and up to 15,000 diverse investments in total, such as stocks, bonds, property, commodities and private equity. We use mainly passive funds, as they are the lowest-cost funds available. But we never pick funds just because they are the cheapest, we always balance cost with quality.

Each fund incurs a small charge, on average 0.18% per annum, which is taken by the fund provider at source. That’s why you won’t see fund charges appear in the transaction list on your dashboard.

All fund charges and other fees are taken into account in the predicted value we give you when you create your Wealthify plan, and in the monthly fee shown on our Fee Calculator.

Why can’t you tell me exactly what fee I’ll pay each month?

The fee you pay depends on the total value of your Wealthify plan(s) which, in turn, depend on the performance of your investments and whether you add or withdraw your money. Therefore, it’s impossible to predict what your plan will be worth in any given month, or what fee you’ll pay. You can however use our fee calculator to give you a good idea of what you might pay. 

How are fees taken?

Your Wealthify fees are deducted automatically from your Plan on the first working day of each month and they’ll show up in the transaction history section of your Plan detail page, found in your dashboard.

Fund charges are taken at source by the fund provider and will not show in your transaction history.

Will Winterflood Securities charge me for their services?

No, you will only ever pay one simple monthly fee. This includes all charges from Wealthify and Winterflood Securities.

How do Wealthify Circles affect my fees?

If you join or start a Wealthify Circle and get two or more members, you will qualify for a discount on your Wealthify annual management fees, excluding fund charges. The bigger your Circle, the more discount you will receive. Learn more about Circles >