What is Ethical Investing?

Video: What is Ethical Investing?

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Investing in a responsible way is easy with Wealthify. We use ethical investment funds to build your plan from leading providers like Kames Capital, Eden Tree and UBS. These funds are actively managed to make sure that the companies they invest in maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Ethical fund managers will regularly search for new companies to invest in, whilst also monitoring the activities and practises of the companies already in the fund, to ensure expected standards are maintained.

As major shareholders, funds can use their influence and voting power to steer the organisation towards higher ethical standards, or even directly lobby the board of directors to help steer the organisation to become more sustainable.

If a company consistently allows its standards to slip, fund managers are able to withdraw investors’ money and remove the company from the fund.

All ethical fund providers have a level of independent verification in their monitoring processes, usually carried out by an autonomous and impartial organisation, to ensure that no bias creeps into the fund’s screening and monitoring process.

So, you can rest assured that your money is being put to work without compromising your values.

Wealthify helps you to break down the barriers to investing. Start with as much or as little as you like and open a Stocks and Shares ISA, Investment ISA, a general investment plan, or an ethical investment ISA. It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and Wealthify’s experts do everything, picking your investments and managing them for you, every day.


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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. With a Wealthify investment your money is at risk, as the value can go down as well as up. The tax treatment of your investment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future. If you are unsure about whether investing is right for you, please seek financial advice.


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