Wealthify announces in-app integration with Yolt

Wealthify announces in-app integration with Yolt: a smart, simple way to view your investments

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We’re proud to announce a partnership with Yolt, the smart thinking money app. This joint in-app integration will enable Wealthify customers to view their investments within the Yolt money app, creating a new era of transparency and enabling users to have one holistic overview of their money in one smart place.

This is the first time in the UK that a money app is able to show users’ their investment balance alongside other financial accounts including their bank account, credit card and savings accounts and even pensions.

Wealthify and Yolt share an ambition to empower users to take control of their finances. We both strive to challenge the way people think about money and help users to make smarter financial decisions in a simple and straightforward way.

Speaking about the launch, Wealthify’s Chief Investment Officer, Michelle Pearce-Burke commented App-based, Open Banking architecture is one of the most significant and exciting developments in retail banking in the past 10 years and promises to bring transformational changes to the way people manage their finances day to day over the next decade.

“We fully support Yolt’s vision of the future of banking: effortless functionality, complete transparency and seamless access to top quality and relevant products and services, providing more choice and information to better enable consumers to make the right purchase decisions. Open Banking offers a game-changing level of accessibility to banking services that is akin to how our proposition is democratizing investing, by breaking down barriers and making information and choice ubiquitous.

“We’re excited to be working in partnership with Yolt to be able to offer their customers easy access to Wealthify investment services through the in-app Marketplace.”

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