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A Day in the Life Of… Customer Care

As part of National Customer Service Week, we wanted to walk you through a day in the life of one of the team.
A day in the life of Emma - Customer Care Team Leader
Reading time: 3 mins

If you've ever talked to our Customer Care Team, then you'll know that we always try to go above and beyond to make your experience with Wealthify as good as can be. But what does a day in the life of one of our team members look like? To give you the inside track, today we're shining the spotlight on Emma, our Customer Care Team Leader who joined in January 2020 with bags of experience in both customer service and the financial industry.  

As part of National Customer Service Week, today's focus is on identifying and nurturing customer service skills within our business. At Wealthify, we love helping our team reach their potential – and Emma's story is the perfect example of this! When Emma started as a Customer Care Specialist, she hit the ground running, almost immediately having a positive impact on the rest of the team.  

After just a few short (or long, depending on how 2020 has treated you!) months, Emma was promoted to team leader, playing a more pivotal role in ensuring that we continue to provide and improve on our excellent customer service. But you don't need to hear all this from us, so over to Emma:   

Emma Customer Care Team LeaderHey Emma, how have the last few months been for you?  
They've been a mixture of challenging, busy, and rewarding!

I started at Wealthify in January, and only a couple of months later we were in full lockdown. To add to the drama, I moved to a new house in the first week of lockdown, and like all other working mums, my children suddenly needed to be homeschooled. My first thoughts were "how do we get through this!"

I initially worked from home, but after a couple of weeks, I volunteered to come into the office to help with the daily post and admin that was required. Next thing I know, I blinked, and it was October! It's been a whirlwind of a year, but I'm thoroughly enjoying working at Wealthify, and I couldn't have asked for a more brilliant team of people to work with.

Can you walk us through your normal working day? 
I usually arrive at the office around 9am, and the first thing I do is make a coffee and say 'Hi' to the team. Then I assign the messages and chats that came in overnight. We usually have a digital team stand-up at 11am to chat through any updates or pressing issues for that day.

Then the rest of the day is usually quite varied. As I'm also a complaint handler, I could be working on a complaint or taking on some of the more complex queries that might arise. 

There are also regular meetings I have with the custodians of your money. We have a good relationship with them, and it's important that we maintain that. My team all keep in touch throughout the day, making sure that everyone has all the information they need, and offering help and assistance to each other if needed. 

What's been your favourite experience with a Wealthify customer to date? 
Our customers are truly amazing, and we receive some excellent feedback every day. I honestly don't think I could single out just one experience, however, I've had lots of great interactions over the phone, emails and chat, and it's been amazing to see them leave brilliant feedback for me afterwards. I love to turn a bad situation around and will go above what is expected of me to make sure that happens.

What's been your biggest challenge this year?  
The biggest challenge this year (and I'm sure you would get the same answer from everyone) has to be the impact coronavirus has had and the national lockdown it caused.  Not being able to see family and loved ones was tough. As I moved home at the beginning of March, going through a lot change and not being able to see loved ones for support was the biggest challenge this year.

What does excellent customer service look like to you? 
It's not just doing what is required, excellent customer service is going above and beyond to help the customer. You need to recognise when the customer you're speaking to may need more assistance, and just generally being helpful and kind. I always aim to exceed the customers' expectations, and it makes me feel good knowing that I might have made at least one person's day a little better.

What makes you proud to work at Wealthify? 
I've only been here a short amount of time, but it feels like I've worked here for much longer (and that's a good thing). I'm so proud to work here and seeing what we've achieved over the past few months is amazing.  We have a fantastic tech team, and it amazes me how quickly they can fix something when the slightest issue is highlighted by a customer. Most recently, our marketing team have pulled Customer Service Week out of the bag, and our compliance team work hard to get all our new customers onboarded. And, of course, I think the Customer Care Team are simply, great!

My aim now is to support my team to higher greatness with the goal to win the customer service awards 2021!





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