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Wealthify’s 2021 CEO Wrap up

Our CEO wraps up what we've achieved in 2021.
Andy Russell CEO | Wealthify.com
Reading time: 5 mins

Where did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday we were happily putting 2020 behind us, and now another year’s flown by and we’re about to start 2022!

I always like to approach the New Year by looking at all the things we’ve achieved and celebrating our accomplishments, to start January with a strong, positive attitude. So, here’s my Wealthify 2021 wrap up:

A whole host of new features

Wealthify is here to help people do more with their money and to inspire savers to take their first steps into investing. But we know that getting started can be tough, especially if you don’t fully understand the difference between keeping your money in a traditional savings account or choosing to invest it instead. To help with this, we launched our new Savings Calculator at the start of the year, which provides a clear, side by side breakdown of how your money could look in a traditional savings account compared to investing it.

To promote this launch, we ran a £20,000 prize draw (which is enough cash to max out your annual ISA allowance!) to our existing customers and anyone opening a Wealthify Plan. I have to say, listening to our Head of Customer Care call the winner to tell them the good news was one of the standout highlights of the year.

Following the success of our Savings Calculator, we created a Pension Calculator too, to help people gain a better understanding of what their finances in retirement could look like. By adding it into our pension transfer journey, this tool could make financial planning for retirement even easier. Not only can you easily see all your pensions in one place, but you can also play around with your contribution amounts and timeframes to see the difference it could make to your retirement.   

In addition to this, our teams have been working hard behind the scenes to make lots of minor improvements that make our service faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

Making our Junior ISAs a family (and friends) affair

Many of our Junior ISA customers have been asking for a way that others can pay into their child’s Plan too. And I’m glad to say that we’ve recently launched Friends and Family Junior ISA payments allowing you to do exactly that!

If you have a Wealthify Junior ISA, you’ll be able to visit your Wealthify dashboard and securely invite anyone you’d like to pay into your child’s Plan. They can add in as much as they’d like – provided it doesn’t go over your child’s Junior ISA allowance – and they can even leave a nice little message for them too.

Welcoming thousands of investors to Wealthify

This year, our customer numbers have more than doubled, which has been absolutely amazing to see. However, it’s been very important to us that our customer service continues to be outstanding, and I’m very proud to say that we’ve managed to maintain an ‘Excellent’ score on Trustpilot and smashed all our internal targets for customer satisfaction.

With this increase in customers, we’ve also seen more people join Wealthify using our ‘Refer a Friend’ feature than ever before! I’m delighted that you like our service so much that you’re telling your friends about us, and I can say that it honestly makes the whole team feel really proud of what we’ve built.

We want to make this feature even more accessible to new investors, so we’ve decided to lower the amount your referred friend needed to invest. After listening to many of you, we’ve realised that investing £500 can be off-putting to new investors. So, we’ve reduced this to £250, while still giving you both £25 cashback.

We’ve won a whopping 9 awards this year

Winning 9 awards is huge for us! And what’s even more impressive is that most of them have been voted for by you, our customers. We’re thrilled to win Best Investment Platform at the Online Personal Wealth Awards, Innovation in Consumer Finance at the MoneyAge Awards, and Best Customer Service in Boring Money’s Best Buys.

Our Junior ISA has also been named as the Best Junior ISA for the 3rd year running at the Personal Finance Awards, and we picked up Best ISA too. As if that wasn’t enough, Boring Money also gave us 4 more awards: Best ISA, Best ISA for Beginners, Best Sustainable ISA, and Best Digital ISA. We’re still growing as a company, so to have beaten some of the larger players in the market on customer votes is a real achievement and one that we couldn’t have done without your help!

Research has been a priority

Earlier this year, we invited all our customers to become testers for us and have a say on things we’re building or ideas we’ve had. This not only allows you to get involved at the early stages as we develop our products and service but helps us make sure that what we’re building is right for your needs. Research has been a huge focus for our team this year, and we’ve had chats with thousands of helpful customers and non-customers. This feedback allows us to refine and develop our service and continue to improve and grow as a company, so please, keep it coming, and let us know if you’d like to be involved in our testing and research going forwards.

Next year, we’ll be using the information from our research to make continued improvements. That’s not just making sure that all our existing products work as you want them to, but also adding more features and products that would directly benefit you while continuing to improve the speed and quality of our existing products and service.

I’m very much looking forwards to another great year with the talented team here at Wealthify and using your feedback to help us grow from strength to strength.


With investing, your capital is at risk, so the value of your investments can go down as well as up, which means you could get back less than you initially invested

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