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Reflecting on my time with Customer Care

Our CEO, Andy Russell, spent the day shadowing our Customer Care team and shares his thoughts on the experience.
Andy Russell on the customer care phones | Wealthify.com
Reading time: 3 mins

To celebrate National Customer Service Week, I stepped away from board papers, strategy planning, and meetings to trial a day in the life of our Customer Care team. Here are my thoughts on the experience:

Customer Care is Calling

Customer Care is one of the most integral parts of our business and I’ve been itching to spend more face-to-face time with them. So, I recently took the opportunity to spend a day with the team to see what I could learn.

Luckily for our customers (and to the relief of our Head of Customer Care, Emma), I didn’t directly answer any customer queries. Instead, I got to sit with the excellent team to find out more about them, watching Live Chats as they were happening, and listening to some recent calls through our Talk Desk system.

I’m a massive believer in having everyone in the company experience what the front-line team do on a daily basis. Not only so that they can hear directly from our customers, but also to appreciate how difficult working in Customer Care can be at times, and hopefully see how rewarding it can be too.

A change in pace

Over my career, I’ve had many ‘call listening’ sessions but this one was quite a different experience. Most importantly, we have a very modern system with customer information instantly available at the touch of a button. The dev team have built a brilliant tool here that I’m half tempted to start selling to other companies! The other difference I found was the reason that customers needed to talk to us – for most of them, the self-service process wasn’t quite what they’d expected and just needed a little nudge in the right direction.

Despite our excellent systems, it doesn’t mean that our team have an easier job than any other Customer Care team elsewhere. We’re still human after all, and dealing with other people’s concerns and emotions won’t always go exactly to plan. And when you’re charged with managing people’s hard-earned money, they want to know there’s someone at the other end of the phone in case they have any questions. This is something our team does brilliantly, and it’s always rewarding to see the amazing feedback that they receive regularly for their efforts.

Working well together

One of the best things at Wealthify is the direct feed that our Customer Care team have into our Tech and Product Development team. The speed that we can make changes is phenomenal, and it often comes as a direct result of our customers asking questions or making suggestions to the team. This then helps us build better journeys and provide great customer outcomes, irrespective of whether or not we get it right in the first place.

My day in the life of Customer Care didn’t disappoint and I’m very much looking forward to spending even more time with them and our customers as we continue to grow.

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