No investing experience necessary

Our approach

Your money is invested using a number of funds. Funds contain a collection of investments and are a convenient and cost-effective way to invest.

Some of these funds contain shares, but they also contain other good stuff, like bonds, property and commodities (such as precious metals, energy and agriculture). This is known as diversification and is a way to spread out your risk.

The mix of funds will change over time and depends on your attitude toward risk, as well as how financial markets are doing.

Passive investing

We use mostly low-cost passive investments, such as ETFs and mutual funds. These let your money track a market index like the FTSE 100 in the UK, and many others around the world. Passive investing is proven to be more effective long-term than an active investment strategy, where fund managers pick the stocks they think will do best.

We use funds from leading providers to build your plan

How we invest your money

Firstly, our experts designed and built an efficient online investment system.

Then, we programmed it with some clever algorithms based on a proven investment theory, known as the Sharpe Ratio. Professor William Sharpe is a Nobel Prize-winning Stanford academic and he knows a thing or two about investing.

Every day our system collects data from across global financial markets. Using technology allows us to keep costs down, which we pass onto you through lower fees.

Our experienced investment team use this information to oversee everything and make the best investment decisions. We rebalance your plan, if needed, to ensure it's still on track.

And if there's any turbulence in the markets, we automatically switch some of your investments to less risky assets, like cash, to protect them. Our aim is to make sure your investments take full advantage of the good times and are sheltered from the bad.