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Whatever you call it, Future Skills is the free financial resource that helps young people make the most of theirs. 


Most of us know, from our own experiences, that there's insufficient opportunity to learn how money works in the real world before reaching financial independence.

With Future Skills, we're on a mission to change that. 

Get started by downloading our free resources to help teach your students about financial wellbeing.

What is Future Skills?

Financial education in UK schools is not up to scratch, which is why we’ve teamed up with Young Enterprise to create Future Skills: a free online resource that helps teachers help 16 to 18-year-olds form positive lifelong financial habits. 

Watch Wealthify CEO, Andy Russell, explain what Future Skills is all about, who it’s for — and why it’s so important to us as a company.

Accredited by Young Enterprise. Approved by teachers.

Swipe to see what people are saying about Future Skills and its resources.

  • "The Bread Show videos are smart, funny, and engaging. They also manage to communicate financial topics both quickly and effectively."

    — Quality Mark Assessor, Young Enterprise

  • "The lesson plan was really detailed, so I knew exactly what I needed to cover and precisely step by step."

    — Sixth Form Teacher, History and Sociology, Greater London

  • "The lesson plan is very detailed; you could follow this if you knew nothing about the topic as it outlines everything. There are very clear and concise learning outcomes and what the lesson looks to achieve."

    — Secondary & Sixth Form Teacher, English & Functional Skills, North East

  • "The resources have been really helpful because I didn't even know about all this money that they can get their hands on, so it's been really good to tell them about it."

    — Secondary & Sixth Form Teacher, RE & PSHE, North West

  • "I thought that the resources provided, particularly the video, was just a really succinct way of just summarising the information."

    — Secondary & Sixth Form Teacher, RS & PSHE, West Midlands

  • "I like that the two presenters are relatable people from popular social media channels; this will be engaging for students."

    — Secondary & Sixth Form Teacher, Maths, London

  • Who is Future Skills for?


    We know how important having engaging classroom resources is for teachers. That's why you can download a whole host of free financial ones below. 


    It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to uni, straight to work, or taking a gap year; our content can help you boss your finances now and in the future. 


    As a parent or guardian, Future Skills is here to help you learn more about Child Trust Funds (CTFs), including how to find a lost one. 


    As part of Future Skills, we're giving students the chance to win £2,100 (the average value of a Child Trust Fund) in our prize draw! Just click below to enter. 

    There will be three prize draws to win £2,100, one per school term. Entrants can only enter one of the three draws. Closing dates for the draws are at 23:59 on 11th of December 2023, 25th March 2024 and 15th July 2024. Entrants must be aged 16-18 at the time of entry. Terms and conditions apply.