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Robo-adviser Wealthify launches 'ethical' investment portfolios

15 | 8 | 2018

Coverage of the launch of our Ethical Investment Plans

Big Money Questions: What should you do in the event of a stock market crash?

6 | 8 | 2018

Wealthify co-founder Michelle Pearce-Burke features in This is Money’s regular finance vlog.

35 Women Under 35: The 'multi-hyphen' millennials to watch

30 | 7 | 2018

Michelle Pearce-Burke, CIO and co-founder of Wealthify appears in this list of up-and-coming female business pioneers.

WealthTech and Wales: FinTech outside of London

27 | 7 | 2018

Richard Theo, CEO and co-founder of Wealthify and FinTech Envoy for Wales, talks about how Wales is growing as a FinTech hub

Podcast with Wealthify CEO Richard Theo: fintech propositions must remain "distinct"

26 | 6 | 2018

Richard talks to Bobsguide on everything from the eventual winners and losers of the challenger landscape, to how the company is looking to offer a pension service in the near future

Wealthify’s flexibility makes for helpful savings

1 | 6 | 2018

New Model Adviser reporter, Elliot Smith reviews Wealthify

Wales has a new envoy for its booming FinTech sector

17 | 5 | 2018

Wealthify CEO Richard Theo is named Fintech Envoy for Wales by the UK Government's Treasury

How to get into investing with a sensible online stocks and shares ISA

19 | 3 | 2018

Holly MacKay reviews nine investment platforms

Brits would be happier if they were paid an extra £508 per month, study finds

18 | 1 | 2018

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed money really can buy you happiness, Wealthify finds

Money tips and resolutions

15 | 1 | 2018

Holly Mackay recommends Wealthify as a good way to try investing if you're a newcomer

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Six steps to stop the inflation monster eating your money

21 | 10 | 2017

How to get richer as prices rise...

Pound coin deadline 2017 - 5 min guide

8 | 10 | 2017

Wealthify explains that even small sums add up over time if you invest, so dig out your old pound coins

Aviva plunges into 'robos' with Wealthify stake

5 | 10 | 2017

Aviva takes the plunge into the world of “robo” investment services by snapping up a majority stake in Welsh service Wealthify.

5 money lessons we should all learn

26 | 4 | 2017

A Wealthify customer shares her story about investing

Inflation puts squeeze on savers as UK in midst of 'silent savings crisis'

11 | 4 | 2017

Richard Theo, chief executive at, said the UK is in the midst of a “silent savings crisis”

Call for banks to warn savers when inflation is eating away at their cash

20 | 3 | 2017

81% of people said banks should have to issue warnings on real terms losses

Meet the wealth business offering portfolios for £1

9 | 3 | 2017

Our rationale is democratising the process of investment, to people who have not traditionally invested

Robo wealth firm reveals first year performance figures

17 | 2 | 2017

Wealthify reports benchmark-beating returns across all five of its model portfolios

Robo-adviser white-labels technology

10 | 2 | 2017

Wealthify will be white labelling its technology so financial advisers can offer the service to their clients

Why your savings account is actually losing you money

19 | 12 | 2016

Thanks to low interest rates and rising inflation UK savers could be set to lose billions

Wealthify hits £1m crowdfunding target

4 | 11 | 2016

Wealthify reached its target to raise £1m through crowdfunding platform Seedrs after 650 investors ploughed money into the offering

Find out how you can fight back against inflation

23 | 10 | 2016

Richard Theo comments on signs that inflation looks set to make an unwanted comeback.

I want a robot to manage my money - what are my options?

22 | 10 | 2016

A look at what robo-advice can offer and how the most popular services stack up.

Brits' rainy day savings 'way below' recommended amount

13 | 10 | 2016

Wealthify launches Regional Savings Index which analyses the state of Britons’ savings relative to wages.

Women lose in the money stakes, as they’re half as likely to invest

13 | 10 | 2016

Low savings rates strengthen the case for investing but disposable cash is the main thing holding them back.

Scots lagging behind the rest of UK in saving stakes

12 | 10 | 2016

Scots have just 3 weeks’ salary banked in savings, Wealthify study reveals

Sexism and the City

15 | 8 | 2016

Why banking is the most chauvinistic industry of all

How to survive record low interest rates

7 | 8 | 2016

Richard Theo warns that the latest interest rate drop will only exacerbate the UK’s savings crisis.

Number of women tech bosses doubles year-on-year

29 | 6 | 2016

Michelle Pearce comments on a report finding that more women are heading up tech departments

We want to democratise investing: Wealthify CEO

7 | 6 | 2016

CEO Dr. Richard Theo discusses Wealthify's mission on CNBC's Squark Box programme

Half of Brits have unrealistic expectations of their riches

1 | 6 | 2016

Savers expect dramatic returns on their money, but the reality is rather more bleak.

Not enough Brits invest

7 | 4 | 2016

Wealthify's CIO, Michelle Pearce on why Brits should invest more

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