Robo-Investing made easy

You choose

You choose

Tell us what type of investor you want to be - cautious, adventurous, or somewhere in-between.

We invest

We invest

We build you an Investment Plan with just the right mix of diversified assets.

We optimise

We optimise

We monitor your Plan 365 days a year and use robo advisor principles to keep everything on track.

Why choose a Wealthify robo investment Plan?

Our proprietary algorithm, based on the Nobel prize-winning Sharpe Ratio, monitors global market signals to deliver daily recommendations, which our investment team use to adjust and rebalance investments to maximise return and minimise downside risk. This combination of robo-investing with human supervision allows us to keep our processes efficient and our costs low, which we can pass onto customers through lower fees.

  • No investing experience required
  • Start with as little as £1, with the option to invest monthly
  • Your money won't be locked away and you can withdraw without penalty
  • Easy sign-up process and access your account on-line 24/7
  • Low fees and no hidden costs
  • Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
With investing your capital is at risk

You're in safe hands

Authorised and regulated by the FCA, we are 100% independent and our investment team has over 55 years of combined industry experience.
Your investments and cash are held in custody by Winterflood Securities. They are part of Close Brothers Group, founded in 1878, who look after billions of assets worldwide.
Up to the first £50,000 of your money can be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We use funds from leading providers to build your Plan