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Investing Made Simple

Discover effortless investing. Seventy Financial Planning would like to introduce you to Wealthify, a simple and affordable investment service.

There’s no need to be a stock market genius or have thousands of pounds to invest. Whether you’re cautious, ambitious, or ethical with your money, Wealthify’s team of experts manage everything, guiding your investments along the way.

With straightforward, low-cost investments, it’s easy to create good money habits and give your savings more potential.

With investing your capital is at risk

Make your money work as hard as you do

With a Wealthify Investment introduced by Seventy Financial Planning you’re always in control:

  • Start investing with as little or as much as you like
  • Know how much you’re paying with our clear and affordable fees
  • Choose how much you want to invest and pick a level of risk that’s right for you – from Cautious to Adventurous
  • Add regular monthly payments or top up whenever you like
  • Check your performance 24/7 online or in the app
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Start investing in 3 simple steps

You choose

Tell us what type of investor you want to be: cautious, adventurous or somewhere in between.

We invest

We build you a Personal Investment Plan with just the right mix of investments.

We optimise

We monitor your plan 365 days a year and adjust it to keep everything on track.
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Invest your way

You can choose to invest your money in our Original or Ethical Plans.


Original Plans use low cost investment funds to give you the broadest access to the stock market. They mostly use instruments known as ‘passive investments’ that track financial markets.

We use funds from leading providers to build our range of five original Plans.

Build an original plan


Saving for the future is important, and so is staying true to your values.

Wealthify has joined forces with best-in-class ethical fund providers to create a range of five Ethical Plans that let you invest in organisations committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Build an ethical plan

What do I get for my fee?

  • Your Personal Investment Plan built by experts
  • 365 days a year monitoring
  • Ongoing adjustments to your Plan to keep it on track
  • Buying and selling investments for your Plan
  • Track your money 24/7 online
  • Your money and assets held separately with a custodian
  • Live chat, phone and email support

We keep costs low and transparent so that you can maximise your returns.

We charge a simple annual fee of 0.6% for managing your investments. Unlike traditional providers, we won’t charge you to deposit or withdraw money, transfer or close your Plan.
As with most investments, other costs can apply but we aim to keep these as low as possible, around ...% for original plans and ...% for ethical.

Calculate your fees

If you invest
you'll pay around ... a month
These figures are intended as a guide. Fees are charged as a percentage of the total value of your Plan, and so the amount you pay will vary depending on the value of your investments across the month. Fees are quoted annually but charged monthly.
Annual % Annual estimate
Wealthify fee 0.60% ...
Average investment costs ... ...
Total ... ...

Make your money work as hard as you do

With Wealthify you’re always in control:
  • Choose a level of risk that’s right for you - from Cautious to Adventurous or somewhere in between
  • Add more monthly to build up your Plan and withdraw if you need to without penalty
  • Check how your Plan is performing whenever you like
  • Know how much you’re paying with our clear and affordable fees
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Wealthify app on iPad showing healthy ISA plan performance and projection over time.

Safe & Secure


Your money, managed by our team of experienced and qualified investment experts.


Up to the first £85,000 of your money can be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


Your money and assets are held separately with a custodian.

Help is on hand

Our customer service team are happy to help with any queries on 0800 802 1800 or on Live Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide financial advice?

No. We are not regulated to give you advice on whether investing is right for you. If you’re unsure, you should always seek the advice of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

Is my money locked in?

This depends on which product you have with us.

Our ISA and GIA accounts are entirely unrestricted so that you can withdraw money at any time, with no charge or penalty. We’ll need to sell your investments to release the funds which will take up to 10 working days – sometimes it’s quicker, but we can’t promise that.

With our Junior ISA and the Wealthify Pension, your money is locked until they reach maturity. For our Junior ISA this is the date of the child’s 18th birthday, when the account will automatically transfer into an adult ISA.  For our pension, it’s the date you turn 55. 

Who is Wealthify backed by?

Wealthify is backed by Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance provider and a global financial services company.

Wealthify remains fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our customers’ money can be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000.

Aviva and Wealthify are independently covered by the FSCS scheme, so a customer holding investments with both companies may be covered by the FSCS on each of their investment balances up to £85,000.

Is my money safe?

Yes, your money is safe when using Wealthify, as we work with global finance service providers who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These custodians hold your cash securely and separately from their own, which means that if Wealthify went into administration, our creditors wouldn’t have a claim to your investments.

The two companies we use as custodians are Winterflood Securities Limited, who hold the funds for our ISA and General Investment Accounts, and Embark Investment Services Limited, who hold the funds for our pensions. Up to the first £85,000 of your money invested with Wealthify can be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of the insolvency of Wealthify, Winterflood Securities or Embark. However, it’s important to understand that the FSCS doesn't cover you in the event that your investments do not perform as expected and you get back less than you originally invested. For more information visit https://www.fscs.org.uk/

Who decides how my money is invested?

Your money is looked after by a team of qualified investment managers with experience in established firms all over the world. Our experts have developed an investment system that uses algorithms and industry experience to pick the best funds available to you, then builds you an investment plan that suits your goals and attitude to risk. And because things are always changing in the financial markets, our team monitors and adjusts your plan regularly, to make sure your money works as hard as you do.

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