Good Eggs - Kingspan

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Good Eggs - Kingspan
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You spoke and we listened. One of the most prominent pieces of feedback from our recent Ethical survey was your request for more information on the companies we invest in, specifically the positive impact they’re having on the environment, local communities, and how they operate.

So, we’ve decided to tell you more about the companies we include in your ethical investment plan.

For our initial voyage, we’ll take a look at Kingspan, that is held in the Liontrust SF Global Growth fund.


The finance stuff 📈
Company value: €8 billion
Share price:  €44.60
Last year’s profits: €331 million


What does Kingspan do? 🤷 
Founded in the 1960s, Kingspan is a market leading building materials supplier. Unless you work in construction, you may have never heard of them before, but the company operates in over 70 countries worldwide employing more than 10,000 people.

The company is best known for the insulation panels it manufactures and produces. Just in case you’re reaching for the internet to Google what insulation panels are, they’re the layers that go between the exterior and interior walls of your house. As a homeowner and bill payer these are really important products that help reduce your energy bills during those cold, winter months.


What positive impact is Kingspan having? 🌱
The company has cut its greenhouse gas emissions for the third year in a row and received an ‘A’ rating for environmental impact from the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) - only one of two Irish companies to achieve such a high status. It also has high ambitions to use only renewable energy across all Kingspan sites by 2020.

It’s not just the company’s operational changes that are having a positive impact on the environment, its specialist insulation panels have helped customers over the past 5 years cut energy consumption by more than 600 million mega watt hours of electricity, equivalent to 372 barrels of oil - that’s over 59,000 litres.


What Kingspan has to say 📣
“Together we have the opportunity to make our built environment more energy-efficient, attractive, adaptable, environmentally responsible and productive. The way we build can be more effective and reach higher standards than ever before. We can make our buildings really work for us; consuming and generating energy smartly to become real investments in our future.”

Gene M. Murtagh, Chief Executive Officer, Kingspan Group PLC


What Liontrust think… 🤓
“Improving the efficiency of energy use is a key theme across our portfolios, and we think this Irish business is well placed to profit from increased demand for its energy efficient products.

The company produces thermal insulation, which helps to cut the amount of energy needed to heat the buildings in which we live and work. Starting life in the mid-1960s as a small engineering and contracting business, Kingspan now has more than 10,000 employees across five continents and continues to innovate to create products and tech for every type of building, from panels to ducting to architectural facades.”


To wrap up 🎁
Kingspan is a relatively unknown construction giant improving the way their operations impact the environment, whilst making a significant impact to people’s energy bills and consumers’ own carbon footprint.

Learn more about Kingspan’s ethical practices here:


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